About Us

We believe that no matter what happens, if a situation is handled together with teammates that you love and need, everything will work out exactly how you planned it. As MUNSA we believe in the importance of principle and teamwork. Our main aim is to provide the exact need of any delegate: the satisfaction of participating in a conference that is formed by a remarkable organization and academic team which will be there before and during the conference whenever you need.

Ahmet Alp Demir

Ahmet Alp Demir - Secretary General

Our secretary general is going to do whatever it takes to provide you an MUN experience that no one has ever seen before, with his knowledge and glorified team.

Kayla Mahir

Kayla Mahir - Deputy Secretary General

Our deputy secretary general will guide you with her intelligence and perspicacity. She is taking her gloves off to ensure what everyone is expecting from an academic team, the quality.

Aysima Kavak

Aysima Kavak - Head of Academy

Our head of academy will be administering the committees, going to lead our academic assistant throughout the conference and help our committee directors maintain the high-level debate environment in the committees with her unprecedented devotion.

Zümra Damla Demirci

Zümra Damla Demirci

Our director general will be doing her best to bless you out during the conference, surely make you have an amazing experience and enhance MUNSA’s organization team.

Azra Çökük

Azra Çökük

Our head of public relations will be taking care of each one of you in order to serve you an unforgettable conference