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JCC (Joint Crisis Committee)

Joint Crisis Committee is a must in MUN conferences. JCCs follow their own procedures also known as the Crisis Procedure. In MUNSA’22 we have assigned one of a kind agenda item for our crisis committee in which you will find yourself in the world of the Mafia. The word Mafia originated back in the early 19th century due to the overpressure of the Italian Government. The word Mafia is called Cosa Nostra in native language which means “our thing”.

The Italians were exhausted by unjustified detentions and executions that they had gathered under the same voice. At first, they were organizing civilian protests, but contrary to their aims, the Italian Government has intensified their pressure especially on these groups of people. The initial incident which led to define these groups as Cosa Nostra was when a former mayor of Italy was murdered in 1893. Following this murder done by the Mafia, the world has faced one of the biggest organized threat it has ever seen in history.

The Five Families, commonly known as Rolls Royces of the Mobsters, have emerged in New York after the American Government has made it illegal to buy and sell alcohol in the country. These families have continued to keep the alcohol market vivid in those days. Thus they became the most wanted criminals in the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In MUNSA, you will have the chance to determine the future of the Mafia, fighting with the FBI. It is all in your hands!

JCC Joint Crisis Committee