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Black Death Noble Coalition

Agenda Item: Protecting the homeland from the Black Death
Under Secretary General: Ahmet Faruk Okutan
Academic Assistants:
Necati Kayhan & Zeynep Pınar Bakın


"Rich men, trust not in wealth,

Gold cannot buy you health;

Physic himself must fade.

All things to end are made,

The plague full swift goes by;

I am sick, I must die.

Lord, have mercy on us!"

"A Litany in Time of Plague" by Thomas Nashe

The Black Death is the most if not one of the most devastating events in the all history of the mankind. The cause for plague is unknown yet since the outbreak there have been many theories about the cause going from supernatural explanations to connection with siphonaptera and rodents. Just like the cause, the effects of this devastating plague is also unknown. However many historians agree that at least 25 million people have lost their lives to the plague. The maximum guessed amount goes up to 200 million. No matter what, it is known that the plague devastated the whole Europe and took millions of lives, earning the name “The Black Death”

In this annual session of MUNSA’24, delegates representing nobles and governors from a city state in the Holy Roman Empire will be fighting against an alternate version of the Black Death with unexpected and unusual effects in order to protect themselves and the citizens. While they are re-writing the history and trying to protect the city state the plague will be attacking the city trying to earn its notoriety as “The Black Death.”


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