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Historical UNSC

Agenda Item: The Gulf War
Under Secretary General:
Melek Çöten
Academic Assistant: Melike Nur Mehan


The Gulf War stands as a stark reminder of the complexities and challenges inherent in international conflict resolution. Since the beginning of the conflict, the whole world, especially the Middle East, has faced a multitude of political, social, and humanitarian crises that affect humanity's future. The war, which started with an invasion of Kuwait, caused harm to all the people of the region and involved global powers in the conflict with the geopolitical importance of the Middle East. The Gulf War caused complete division, pitting the United States and Nato against Iraq and its allies under the leadership of Saddam Husein.


In this annual session of MUNSA’24, delegates are expected to discuss this crucial topic as presidents of their own states and find initiative solutions which will maintain the international stability and peace.

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