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Agenda Item: Establishment of G20
Under Secretary General: Ela Akay
Academic Assistants:
Azra Yaşar & Nilsu Kalender


There has been an economical crisis in the world right now. The Asian Economic Crisis has swept away even the world’s largest economies. Finance Ministers of G7 gathered in a meeting on 26 September 1999 in Berlin in order to take immediate action.  At the summit, they launched the G20 consisting of the world's 20 largest economies, and the European Council stating that the aim of this forum will promote dialogue between major industrial and emerging market countries. 

After the summit, Canadian Finance Minister Paul Martin gave an interview to CBC. “ G20’s first priority is financial responsibility, climate change, and sustainable development. We will have an international coordination of comic policy, which will include cooperation with the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and European Council.”


In this annual of MUNSA’24, delegates will be representing several ministers from G20 countries in order to have the first summit of G20. Delegates have to put an end to the Asian Economic Crisis and must find a new way out of every other problem they will face at the committee.

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