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Futuristic Committee

Agenda Item: Argentinian Civil War
Under Secretary General: Emre Akın Albayrak
Academic Assistant: Damla Sarıtaş


As the tensions across the World start to rise, even the unsuspected regions will have trouble. As the decade comes around to an end, the Argentinian government and neighbouring states will come across a troubling matter in the collapsing state. As the states of the World intervened in the Argentinian Civil War, United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres stated their fear of a situation similar to the Yemeni Civil War, or even worse. As the blockades and sanctions in the region led to the rise of piracy in the South Atlantic Ocean and the death of many civilians, all eyes are turned towards the 82nd session of the General Assembly.


In this annual session of MUNSA'24, delegates representing countries from all over the globe will debate upon implementing effective strategies to ensure the safety of civilians, to stop piracy in the South Atlantic Ocean, and stop the Argentinian Civil War in our Disarmament and International Security Committee.

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