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Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Agenda Item: Yemen Civil War
Under Secretary General: Onur Yılmaz
Academic Assistant: İrem Nice Şahin


The airstrikes that the United States and the United Kingdom carried out on Yemen in the early 21st century took place against a complicated historical, geographic, and social background. Yemen is a country in southern Arabia that has a complex historical patchwork connected with influences from various cultures, trading routes, and ancient civilizations. Due to its advantageous location between the Red and Arabian Seas, the nation has long been an economic center and a highly desired geopolitical prize. Yemen's hard situation is made worse by the country's mixed ethnic and religious structure, economic difficulties, and the way the world's superpowers control the region to suit their own interests. 


The main focus of the MUNSA'24 OIC committee is the recent airstrikes conducted in Yemen by the United States and the United Kingdom. The delegates have been assigned the duty of seeking the assaults' historical context and their intricate ties to the ongoing civil war in Yemen. The discussions aim to navigate the multifaceted aftermath of these military strikes and highlight the challenges that come with big geopolitical actors getting involved in the area.

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