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Historical Crisis Committee

Agenda Item: Ottoman Interregnum
Under Secretary General: Aral Kocatürk
Crisis Team Member: Ali Eren Polat
Academic Assistant: Mert Efe Çelik


The year is 1402, Timur's forces had defeated the Ottoman Empire in the Battle of Ankara, and Bayezid I was taken prisoner. As a result of the war leaving the throne vacant, the debates about who would succeed to the Ottoman throne naturally led to a lack of authority and anarchy among the people, and this situation spread to the entire nation. The tensions, rivalries, uprisings, and conflicts that emerged between the various ethnic groups that formed the Ottoman Empire after this war dragged the government system and economy along with them. The youngest brother, Mehmet I Çelebi, was about to take the initiative to put an end to his brothers' struggle for the throne and save the empire from this terrible situation.

The Ottoman Interregnum, thanks to the political genius of Mehmet I Çelebi, taught us that loyalty and patience are more important than having a large military and political army. The political genius Mehmet Çelebi had the patience and the loyalty of the people to bring him to power, even though he had influence mostly only in the northern Anatolian parts of the Ottoman Empire.

His brothers, Musa Çelebi and Süleyman Çelebi, were among those with the most attention on this throne during all of these events. Would the Ottoman Empire, which had stood for years, fall apart as a result of plots, betrayals, and numerous battles inside the palace, or would history repeat itself and send them a savior?


Delegates will be crucial players in these cabinets at the 2024 edition of MUNSA. Will the ongoing struggles for the country's throne ultimately come to a stop, or will the Cabinet of Çelebi, which is attempting to restore the Ottomans to their former glory, be unable to put an end to the chaos? The success of these struggles for the throne will depend on how inventive our delegates are with paper and pens, and every move they make will have an impact on the empire's destiny.

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