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Agenda Item: Ensuring the full independence of the Turkish nation
Under Secretary General: 
Eymen Uysal
Academic Assistants: 
Berf Elbir & 
Ela Elif Sarıkoç


The primary objective of the BMM during the 1920s was to secure absolute independence for the Turkish nation. Mustafa Kemal, the President of BMM, viewed the independence of Turkey as a crucial issue and aimed to establish a modern, new, and autonomous Turkish nation, capable of facing the Western world. the globe may involve conflict, strategy, and diplomacy. The Turkish nation will face difficulties; it is difficult for a country to achieve full independence while also attempting to keep up with advancements in the East. It is especially difficult when Eastern countries covet your country due to its geographic location. Because the Anatolian Region is the most significant place in the globe, all countries aim to destabilize the Turkish people and divide their lands.


In this annual session of MUNSA'24, delegates from BMM members across the country will discuss the independent and modern Turkish nation. There will be many opponents, including those within the country. Furthermore, the members of the BMM will manage those challenges based on the words of the guy behind everything, the man who came up with the notion of an independent Turkish country, which is "Peace in the dormitory, peace in the world".

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