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Agenda Item: Discussing the human rights breaches during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Under Secretary General: Ali Kaan Sert
Academic Assistant: İrem Nida Toprakçı


Human rights breaches during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are a major issue. It was not a new conflict, but it got quite hazardous. Following Israel's attack on civilians in Palestinian territory, the problem grew exponentially, resulting in the emergence of numerous new issues. The most serious of these issues is the violation of human rights in this conflict. During this fight, Israel is denying Gaza inhabitants access to essential services such as power and water, as well as prohibiting all but a minimal amount of fuel and critical humanitarian supplies from accessing the enclave.These actions constitute collective punishment, including the use of famine as a weapon of war. Israeli aircraft have pounded Gaza constantly, destroying large chunks of homes and schools, including what look to be illegal attacks. Israel's activities violate the human rights of Palestinian civilians. It also has an impact on their emotional, physical, and financial well-being.

In this annual session of MUNSA'24, delegates representing countries from all over the world will debate how to implement effective strategies to prevent human rights violations during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is affecting Gazze citizens in our Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee.

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